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Teltonika RUT240 4G/LTE WiFi router for professional applications Teltonika RUT240 is a compact, cost-effective and secure industrial 4G/LTE WiFi router for professional applications. The mobile router delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication in harsh and hazardous environments where a wide operating temperature is required. Equipped with an external SIM holder, digital input/output and signal strength status LEDs, it ensures easy network deployment and management. External SMA connectors make it possible to attach desired antennas and easily find the best signal location. RUT240 Industrial LTE router supports industry leading security features and is widely used for 4G backup, Remote Connection, Out-of-Band Management, Advanced VPN and tunneling services in IoT networking solutions. FEATURES MOBILEMobile module4G (LTE) – Cat 4 up to 150 Mbps, 3G – Up to 42 Mbps, 2G – Up to 236.8 kbpsStatusSignal strength (RSSI), SINR, RSRP, RSRQ, EC/IO, RSCP Bytes sent/receivedBridgeDirect connection (bridge) between mobile ISP and device on LANPassthroughRouter assigns its mobile WAN IP address to another device on LANAPNAuto APNSMSSMS status, SMS configuration, send/read SMS via HTTP POST/GET, EMAIL to SMS, SMS to EMAIL, SMS to HTTP, SMS to SMS, scheduled SMS, SMS autoreply, SMPPBlack/White listOperator black/white listMultiple PDN (optional)Possibility to use different PDNs for multiple network access and servicesBand managementBand lock, Used band status displayWIRELESSWireless modeIEEE 802.11b/g/n, Access Point (AP), Station (STA)WiFiWPA2-Enterprise (with external/internal Radius server), WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WEP, MAC FilterWiFi securityWPA2-Enterprise - PEAP, TLS, TTLS, AES-CCMP, TKIP, Auto Cipher modes, Client separationSSIDSSID stealth mode and access control based on MAC addressWiFi usersUp to 50 simultaneous connectionsWireless HotspotCaptive portal (Hotspot), internal/external Radius server, built in customizable landing pageETHERNETWAN1 x WAN port (can be configured to LAN) 10/100 Mbps, comply IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standards, supports auto MDI/MDIXLAN1 x LAN port, 10/100 Mbps, comply IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standards, supports auto MDI/MDIXNETWORKRoutingStatic routing, Dynamic routing (BGP, OSPF v2, RIP v1/v2, RIPng, OSPF6)Network protocolsTCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, NTP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, SSL v3, TLS, ARP, VRRP, PPP, PPPoE, UPnP, SSH, DHCP, Telnet, SMNP, MQTT, Wake On Lan (WOL)VoIP passthrough supportH.323 and SIP-alg protocol NAT helpers, allowing proper routing of VoIP packetsConnection monitoringPing Reboot, Periodic Reboot, LCP and ICMP for link inspectionFirewallPort forward, traffic rules, custom rulesDHCPStatic and dynamic IP allocation, DHCP RelaydQoSTraffic priority queuing by source/destination, service, protocol or port, traffic priority queuing by source/destination, service, protocol or port, WMM, 802.11eDDNSSupported >25 service providers, others can be configured manuallyNetwork backupVRRP, Mobile, Wired and WiFi WAN options, each of which can be used as backup, using automatic FailoverLoad balancingBalance your internet traffic over multiple WAN connectionsNetSnapper (optional)Mobile connection management, data compression VPN client (not available in standard FW)SSHFS (optional)Possibility to mount remote file system via SSH protocol (not available in standard FW)SECURITYAuthenticationPre-shared key, digital certificates, X.509 certificatesFirewallPre-configured firewall rules can be enabled via web-ui, unlimited firewall configuration via CLI; DMZ; NAT; NAT-TAttack preventionDDOS prevention (SYN flood protection, SSH attack prevention, HTTP/HTTPS attack prevention), port scan prevention ( SYN-FIN, SYN-RST, X-mas, NULL flags, FIN scan attacks)WiFi securityWPA2-Enterprise – PEAP, EAP-TLS, TLS, TTLS. AES-CCMP, TKIP, Auto Cipher modes, Client separationVLANTag based VLAN separationMobile quota controlSet up custom data limits for the SIM cardWEB filterBlacklist for blocking out unwanted websites, whitelist for specifying allowed sites onlyAccess controlFlexible access control of TCP, UDP, ICMP packets, MAC address filterVPNOpenVPNMultiple clients and server can be running simultaneously, 12 encryption methodsOpenVPN EncryptionDES-CBC, RC2-CBC, DES-EDE-CBC, DES-EDE3-CBC, DESX-CBC, BF-CBC, RC2-40-CBC, CAST5-CBC, RC2-64-CBC, AES-128-CBC, AES-192-CBC, AES-256-CBCIPsecIKEv1, IKEv2, supports up to 4 x VPN IPsec tunnels (instances), with 5 encryption methods (DES, 3DES, AES128, AES192, AES256)GREGRE tunnelPPTP, L2TPClient/Server services can run simultaneouslyStunnelProxy designed to add TLS encryption functionality to existing clients and servers without any changes in the programs' codeSSTPSSTP client instance supportZeroTierZeroTier VPN
Teltonika Authorised Distributor DigitAge Infocom Private Limited New Delhi Nehru place 4G/LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G WAN FAILOVER RUT950 Automatic switch to available backup connection WIFI Wireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality DUAL SIM With auto failover, backup WAN and other switching scenarios ETHERNET 4x Ethernet interfaces with VLAN functionality RMS Compatible with Teltonika Remote Management System