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GBICPart NumberSpecificationWS-G54831000BT GBICWS-G54841000BASE-SX  Short Wavelength  GBIC (Multimode only)WS-G54861000BASE-LX/LH  long haul  GBIC (singlemode or multimode)WS-G54871000Base-ZX extended reach GBIC(singlemode)SFPPart NumberSpecificationGLC-T1000BASE-T SFPGLC-SX-MMGE SFP, LC connector SX transceiverGLC-SX-MMD1000BASE-SX SFP transceiver module, MMF, 850nm, DOMGLC-LH-SMGE SFP, LC connector LX/LH transceiverGLC-LH-SMD1000BASE-LX/LH SFP transceiver module, MMF/SMF, 1310nm, DOMGLC-EX-SMDGE SFP, LC Connector, EX transceiverGLC-ZX-SM1000BASE-ZX SFPGLC-ZX-SMD1000BASE-ZX SFP transceiver module, SMF, 1550nm, DOMSFP-GE-L1000BASE-LX/LH SFP (DOM)SFP-GE-S1000BASE-SX SFP (DOM)SFP-GE-Z1000BASE-ZX Gigabit Ethernet SFP (DOM)SFP-GE-T1000BASE-T SFP (NEBS 3 ESD)GLC-BX-D-20KM1000BASE-BX SFP, 1490NMGLC-BX-U-20KM1000BASE-BX SFP, 1310NMGLC-BX-D-40KM1000BASE-BX SFP, 1490NMGLC-BX-U-40KM1000BASE-BX SFP, 1310NMGLC-BX-D-80KM1000BASE-BX SFP, 1490NMGLC-BX-U-80KM1000BASE-BX SFP, 1310NMSFP-OC3-MMOC3/STM1 SFP, Multi-mode fiberSFP-OC3-SROC3/STM1 SFP, Single-mode fiber, Short ReachSFP-OC3-IR1OC3/STM1 SFP, Single-mode fiber, Intermediate ReachSFP-OC3-LR1OC3/STM1 SFP, Single-mode fiber, Long Reach (40km)SFP-OC3-LR2OC3/STM1 SFP, Single-mode fiber, Long Reach (80km)SFP-OC12-MMOC-12/ STM-4 SFP, Multi-mode FiberSFP-OC12-SROC12/STM4 SFP, Short ReachSFP-OC12-IR1OC-12/ STM-4 SFP, Intermediate Reach (15km)SFP-OC12-LR1OC-12/ STM-4 SFP, Long Reach (40km)SFP-OC12-LR2OC-12/ STM-4 SFP, Long Reach (80km)SFP-OC48-SROC-48c/STM-16c  SFP, Short ReachSFP-OC48-IR1OC-48c/STM-16cSFP-OC48-LR2OC-48c/STM-16c  SFP, Long Reach (80km)GLC-FE-100FX100BASE-FX SFP  for FE portGLC-FE-100EX100BASE-EX SFP (40km)GLC-FE-100LX100BASE-LX SFP  for FE portGLC-FE-100ZX100BASE-ZX SFP (80km)
Edimax GS-5424PLC Edimax Long Range 24-Port Gigabit 10/100/100 PoE+, Web Smart, Switch with 4 Gigabit RJ45/SFP Combo Ports ready stock
Ubiquiti UAP‑AC‑LR 802.11ac Long Range Access Point
Long-Range, Lightweight airMAX® CPE The LiteBeam™M is an ultra-lightweight airMAX CPE device with incredible range and disruptive pricing. Model: LBE‑M5‑23